Sunday, April 7, 2019

I am done being quiet

Thank you for all your kind wishes. They really mean a lot to me!

I still haven't got the date of operation, hopefully I will get it soon.

I spend lots of time walking my beloved dog. And I try to eat as healthy as possible.

One question for you - do you know and eat these two plants (in my country we eat them a lot in spring, we believe they are very healthy):

Dandelion (I prepare it as salad):

Nettle (I cooked delicious nettle & potatoe soup):

A coworker of mine asked me this week how was I (she hadn't heard the news before). I replied that
cosidering that I have cancer I am doing really well. She looked deep to my eyes and simply asked: "May I hug you?"

How lovely it would be to get an occasional hug during hard and long years of my infertility.

I appreciate the hugs and all good wishes perhaps now even more.

But then there were also the first silly comments and questions.

We were driving to the meeting with a dear coworker of mine, I told her about the cancer. And then, few hours later she asks: "So, are you taking now in May any holidays? Will you do some travelling?".  I looked her in disbelief and asked: "Weren't you listening to me? I have cancer.".
She said: "Yes, of course I know you have cancer. But I just thought it would do you and your husband good... to go some new place, relax, enjoy and forget."
I simply replied: "I can go to the other part of the Earth, but the cancer would go with me, it is on me and perhaps also inside me. I can not forget and relax."

I felt good and strong afterwards. I wasn't quiet when listening to really silly comments.

I had my share of silly comments during my infertility suffering. But I am now done being quiet.


  1. Good for you! Silly comments get so tiring over the years. I am done being quiet too.

    I have not had dandelion or nettle, but, coincidentally, I just watched a cooking video of a guy making nettle soup. I'm getting back into cooking this year after many, many years of not. I just made potato leek soup for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I loved it!

    1. dear Phoenix, I am glad you are done being quiet as well. I also love potato leek soup. With the help of potato you can turn actually any vegetables into delicous soup (and with the help of stick blender).

  2. Oh dear, people are dense sometimes, aren't they? I'm glad you're not being quiet now. Maybe by speaking out, this coworker will think twice about saying something stupid to someone else. If so, brava, I say.

    And just because I can, I'm sending more hugs.

    1. dear Mali, thank you for the hugs! Hugs back! PS: and I do hope I will go travelling one day on the other part of the Earth - which is for us New Zealand <3

  3. Dear Klara,
    You are doing the very best things. Dandelion is excellent for the liver and nettle also helps to cleanse or detoxify your body. I am only just learning about these plants which are considered weeds where I live and usually are banned from gardens. Just some days ago I read that I should harvest the dandelion before we cut the grass :-). Do you wear gloves when plucking the nettle? That's one thing I have been wondering about when hearing how people go and get nettle in the woods.
    I am glad you are not being quiet anymore. Well done! <3
    Wishing you a good start into the new week,

    1. dear Elaine, yes, I always wear thick rubber gloves when picking up nettle. Right now I am cooking nettle risotto, my very first one and it is delicious!

  4. Proud of you for speaking up! Those greens look lovely as you prepared them. I'm used to seeing dandelions as nothing more than a pernicious weed, however, you're helping me see them in a new light xo

  5. Dear Klara,
    what a coincidence, I just picked nettle last Sunday and prepared them like spinach :-) I just love their taste!
    I'm happy to read that you stopped being quiet. It is very liberating to say what you have on your mind.