Friday, April 26, 2019


On the photo above: me & my youngest niece (aged 3 weeks) on our couch. How lovely it was to welcome a new baby to our family.... without the sadness that accompanied the arrival of other children.

I see that as a proof of recovery after many dark years of the infertility.


  1. Congratulations Aunt Klara! :) Enjoy!!! <3

  2. This post. Could you ever have believed you would write this when you started back in 2011? (Was it really that long ago? lol) This post makes me so happy. Happy that you feel recovered. Happy that you are going to be able to enjoy this baby. Happy for the baby that she is going to have such special people as you and your husband in her life.

    1. dear Mali, exactly - in 2011 (how years fly!) I couldn't even imagine I would write a post like this.