Monday, September 18, 2017

The best things in life ...

One of the best silver linings of my infertility is connecting with kind souls all around the world. I met this week already my 4th bloggie friend! And she is all the way from Australia.

It was awesome - we spent one day in our capital: 

And few days later I drove to Italy, to meet them in this city:

My friend was travelling with her mom and siblings. It was touching to see how kindly the children (who are around my age) are looking after their mother. My new friend and me didn't have a lot of time where we could talk alone - but we did agree that we have to travel now since there won't be anybody to travel with us when we are old.

We saw somewhere this sentence:
and we all agreed.


  1. Dear Klara,
    It was lovely to meet face to face. I wish we had more time to chat. Next time I will bring my hubby and we will explore more of your wonderful country
    and talk some more, of course!

  2. How fabulous! I really want to know which Italian city that is. And I too want to explore more of Slovenia. One day ...

    1. dear Mali, it is Treviso. So it is very close to where you stay the last time...
      And - I can't wait for you and your DH that you return one day to our country. A guest bedroom will be (hopefully, do keep your fingers crossed) ready from January 2019 on!

  3. Wow this is fab - your 4th one already! I wish I still lived in mainland Europe and could drive to these gorgeous places: I miss that.

  4. Wow, this is great! I am so glad that you got to meet another bloggie friend. It is so true that beautiful moments with kind souls are worth much more than any material things.

  5. Oooh, very cool that the two of you got to meet up! :)