Saturday, March 25, 2017

Planning for the future

I have  been very busy lately.  Gathering offers for the house, deciding, making financial projections, doing the strategies for dealing the price is stressful. But overall it is great. It feels good - to take the destiny in our own hands and plan for our future.

Somehow I am grateful that we didn't have enough money to build the house when we got married. We have learnt so much from then. For example: a) that we don't need much space, a small house will do just perfectly for the two of us   b)  house will  already be equipped with a  bedroom and a bathroom for guests in the ground floor. We hope that this will serve this purpose for many decades to come . But this is also a back plan for an old age - if one of us won't be able to walk the stairs any more, we will simply move to the bedroom downstairs. So when a young sales person tried to persuade us that it is much better idea to have downstairs just a huge living room, my husband and I looked at each other and smiled. It felt good, taking destiny in our hands. We really don't want to be dependent on anybody when old.  

Have you read Mali's post from the beginning of March? I just loved it!

... And it feels good knowing, with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.


  1. Good decision! I think so selfishly, because I hope to come and use it at some stage. lol But also because - observing parents and in-laws and other elderly relatives and neighbours - I can see having a house with stairs in it - even a few stairs up to the front door - can be very problematic for the elderly.

    Glad you liked my post.

    And I love your last sentence.

    1. dear Mali, I do hope you and your DH visit us one day. It will be lovely to sit outside on the porch... and catch up.
      Yes, our house won't have even one step to reach the ground floor.

  2. "It feels good - to take the destiny in our own hands and plan for our future."
    This sounds great, dear Klara! I am happy for you. I agree about the downstairs bedroom as well. I would do the same. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. So exciting!!! My husband and I have learned that we prefer living in a small house. We never want to live in a big house again. You have a good plan for the distant future too. I look forward to hearing about your new home. Happy planning!

  4. No stairs in the condo we moved into last year -- and believe me, it was a consideration when we bought it. I sometimes miss the extra space we had in the house -- but it's definitely easier to keep clean! ;) My parents are in their 70s & live in a split-level house -- my dad has knee problems & I can see they are both starting to have issues with the stairs, even though there aren't as many steps to climb as in a house with full flights of stairs. You are wise to know what you want & to stick to your decision, Klara! :)