Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good news II

My gyn has just made another ultrasound.
The cyst has gone, completely.
I am really happy.

(Now all I have to do is to put under control the reflux that has been bothering me for the last three months and then I have no further wishes).

PS:  This year I had 40 sunflowers on my garden, they were beautiful. The photo was taken a month ago.


  1. Excellent news!!!! (and sunflowers are a big favorite of mine!)

  2. So happy! Sunflower seeds are one of my favorite snacks. :)

  3. HUURRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! :-D I'm so happy to hear it. My goodness, 40 sunflowers? That's A LOT. I've only ever had one sunflower (bought from a store LOL!). Hope they can help you manage the reflux problem.

  4. Yay, yay, yay!!!

    Sunflowers wouldn't survive here - it's probably not warm enough, and way too windy. 40? That's practically a field!

  5. Yay!! So glad to hear this. Here's hoping you get the reflux under control soon. (((hugs)))

    The part of Canada where I grew up is well known for sunflowers. Fields & fields of them. I grew up eating sunflower seeds for snacks. :)