Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two for the price of one

Some of you might remember when I wrote about Teaching little Daisy:

Daisy passed her final English test with 55 % and this was enough for positive mark. I was very happy (obviously also she and her parents were).

I kept meeting Daisy and her younger sister (one year younger) all summer, they live very close by. And also the younger was very interested in me- she started chatting with me whenever we met, she is also very cute.

I offered their mother that I can teach both girls, together.  And since the younger one is so eager to learn, they agreed. So now I always have both girls together. It is fun. They bring colours into our flat.

Photo was taken today. I gave them a little test. They had to write colours of the balloons and a prize (one balloon) was promised if they write well. Obviously they wrote well, so they could choose a balloon. And I gave two extra balloons for their baby sisters. It is lovely to see joy caused with such small gifts.

I love that I can use my creativity. For example. They love movie Frozen, they always watch it in our language (you can listen my language here):

They loved hearing it in English:

I am never sad when they are here. And I am not sad when they leave.

I just wish that I had two little girls of my own.... I guess I will always wish that.


  1. Ah, reminds me of the short period of time when I was teaching a girl and her much younger sister. How lucky for them to have a teacher like you!


  2. You are so creative and I'm so glad that you have made learning fun for them! :)

    I really do love having kids around. They are so much fun and keep me on my toes. Yesterday I answered the following questions for my nephew (and so many more):

    -What would happen if a spaceship got hit by an asteroid?
    -Why do bats fly around at night?
    -Do you know how to add fractions?
    -Did a velociraptor have feathers?

  3. I am so glad you are still teaching them both. It's funny that you posted this when I was about to email you about them ...