Monday, June 1, 2015

La dolce vita dopo infertilita'

I could copy the same text that I wrote few weeks ago:

I just returned from a short business trip to Italy.
I took a photo of my delicious dinner. It was nice, dinning alone, after talking all day.
This was again one of those business trips that also my other coworkers could cover. But they are not motivated to go since they prefer to stay at home with kids.

Silver linings of infertility :) 

On the photo: warm chocolate muffin with delicious vanilla sauce. 


  1. Definitely a silver lining! And the desert looks fabulous!

  2. That made me laugh! I love that you got to do it yet again. Ahhh, bella Italia! La dolce vita indeed.

  3. your italy is my croatia :) let´s celebrate our silver linings of infertility *YEAH*