Saturday, June 6, 2015

Goodbye until the rain comes

I am fully enjoying warm summer days. We are having 30 C. I even took one day off work and I went swimming to the Adriatic sea. It was just perfect. 

Otherwise I am very busy raising stubborn puppy (akka land shark), working in my vegetable garden. I lack time for reading and writing and  for my beloved cycling.  

And - most of all - I lack the time for any infertility thoughts. Which isn't bad thing at all.

I will be back in one month, when the rain comes.

Have a lovely month.




  1. So many great things going on in your life right now!

  2. OK, I am a wee bit jealous! The cold weather has definitely arrived here. Sign. Though 30 C is actually a few degrees too hot for me!

  3. Have a lovely month yourself! xoxo

  4. Enjoy the nice weather! It's been a cold beginning of summer here in Lapland.