Thursday, March 5, 2015

Seaside hotel booked & silver linings of infertility

I got so many beautiful comments on the French site where the interview is published:

I was deeply touched by some of them.

I am really glad that I was learning French for four years in the secondary school, so I understand quite some of it. And with the help of google translate, I understood everything.

And I love the mix of  comments in French and English there.  It makes the world smaller and nicer and friendlier place to live.

I am now saying goodbye for one week. I am leaving tomorrow for a long business trip. I already have a hotel booked, it is directly on the seaside, in a beautiful small town in Liguria, Italy.  4  other colleagues were offered this business trip first. None of them wanted to go since they all have small kids and they can not leave for a whole week. 

Me? I am more then happy to go for a whole week. I am looking forward to it a lot. There will be lots of sunshine! I will take some long walks along the beach. I will discover some new cities, 700 kilometers away from home, in the part of Italy where I haven't been before.

Yes, there are some silver linings of infertility :)