Saturday, March 21, 2015

Our beloved Wolf, missing part in the interview

My husband recently read the interview with me:

He liked it, but his comment was that he missed in the interview one important thing, that according to his belief helped me (and helped us) go through the darkest years of infertility: our beloved Wolf. 

I agree with him. I don't really know why I haven't mentioned the Wolf.  So I am correcting this now.

This is the post I wrote three years ago: 

A year after I wrote this post,  a terrible illness came and took our beloved Wolf away. I still miss him and I always will. 

I learned so many precious things from him. For example. That life is short and that you have to make most of it while it lasts. That you should use every opportunity to go for a long walk (walks through the forest are the best!). 

It is Saturday today, I don't have to work. So, this means a perfect day for a long walk.

PS: the photo above was taken in May 2012. We went for a long walk, just the two of us. And when I was tired, I sat down for a while to read a newspaper. I was very safe: My beloved Wolf guarded me :)


  1. Dear Klara, I know exactly what you mean. For sure ;-)
    And I love your Wolf. Such a cute and strong boy.
    He will always guard you.
    And he will be with you.
    Always and one more day.
    Love, Isa

  2. Dogs are amazing creatures! They really do have the ability to help a person heal.

    Related, I saw this on the news last light and wanted to share with you:

  3. It may be partly the interviewer's fault: I am allergic to cats and dogs, and it's getting worse with the years, to the point that even medicated for a dinner invitation at someone's house with pets, I have to count on a bad night of sleep with asthma after that... I remember being sad to not have this option as help during my infertility years though, but obviously have erased of my mind what I missed out!

  4. And now I too am sad we left him out...