Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why we didn't adopt. Sharing our stories.

Why don't you just adopt?  If you've battled infertility for long enough, you've been asked this question.  It's not an easy or simple question to answer.  Since knowledge is power and we belong to a community of women supporting other women, I would like to ask for others to share their adoption story, specifically why they chose not to adopt.   

Adoption is a beautiful thing and it is a wonderful way for many people to grow their families.  Adoption is also an intensely personal decision made by a couple after carefully considering a number of factors that are unique to them.  In short, there is no universal right answer to the "why don't you just adopt?" question.  The right answer is unique to the couple that makes the decision, including the decision not to adopt.  By listening to stories different from our own we can learn how to be more supportive.

I have decided to share my story, the story of why we didn't adopt, on February 28th and would love it if others wrote their story on the same day too.

PS: photo was taken on our Sunday walk. It was beautiful to walk through snowy forest.


  1. I'm working on my story! I'm not really liking how it is coming along so far, but at least I have some time!

  2. I'll share some of my story - but maybe not all. (After all, it's not only my story.) I do agree though that it is intensely personal. "Just adopting" just doesn't exist, if you ask me!

  3. Also working on a post. :) It's currently waaaaaayyyyyy too long... but nobody said adoption was a simple subject, right? lol

  4. dear BnB & Mali & Loribeth,
    thank you for your comments.

  5. I would love to join in the conversation!

    1. dear Savannah,
      perfect! Welcome in the club :)