Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bittersweet II

My cousin asked me if I could babysit (for the first time) both of her kids yesterday evening, for half an hour.

My uncle brought me the kids (the boy is 2, the girl is 4) and they were extra cute. They were excited to come to  my appartment.

It was lovely.  We continued the work with this book that I bought for the girls last month:
(I bought many children's books in the last decade, but this one is my top favourite. All the children just love the book).

We were very busy putting stickers to Grenland when my husband came home. He was surprised to see the kids since he didn't expect them. He asked the kids: "Where do you have your mummy?"

The little girl has a great sense of humour and she joked: "We don't have our mummy here since we didn't bring her with us. We have here only mummy Klara."   

Bittersweet. Again.

I love those two children.

And I love my cousin for letting me be a part of her children's lives.


  1. Ahhhh...glad you had a nice time with the two of them. The little girl is really sweet!