Friday, June 27, 2014

Cycling & Lavender

Cycling always puts me into good mood. There is the road, there are steep hills, so I am focused only to that. No time for loneliness. No time for negative thoughts. 

I really wished to go cycling to the seaside, alone. But the weather forecast was bad for the coast, so I choose mountain tour. 

Almost 100 kilometers and lots of steep hills. But it was worth it, I feel great now.

Some photos attached.

In the hills, some streams are drinkable. I always drink from this one, it is delicious!

 Steep :)

St. Ciril & St. Metod under beautiful Linden trees

 This is the most beautiful village in my country. 
It is also a birthplace of famous painter: 

Beautiful lavender - I got it as a gift from a kind old woman that I don't know. 
I just stopped by and asked them for water. 
Lavender really made the day even more beautiful. 
I am now drying it - so it will remain, as a remainder that there are kind people out there.
And that good things happen when least expected.

Good night & sweet dreams.


  1. Beautiful - all of it. I wish I liked cycling ... sigh ...

  2. The village and the surroundings look so pretty! I imagine that all negative thoughts are gone after seeing such beauty and receiving unexpected wonderful flowers. I never learned to ride a bike :( , maybe one day I will or just get a tricycle.