Saturday, February 23, 2013

Things change

Once I thought it is not possible live happy & childless life.
Once I thought that infertility breaks your heart forever.
Once I though I wanted to have a child conceived by egg donation.
I don't think neither of it any more.


  1. I just love your philosophy! (But, you had a long way to go.)
    I'm not there yet. I still think that it is not possible to live happy and a childless life (in my life) But, maybe one day..:)

    Have a great weekend Klara:)

    1. You still have some options open.... so I really hope your dreams will come true.

      Mine didn't come true. So it is time to find new ones :)

      Great weekend to you too!

  2. Here's to a happy lifeeeee!!! :-D

  3. PS:
    I remember as it was yesterday, when I tried my tenth and last IVF treatment, that time with egg donation.
    It was not an easy decision. But when I decided I was 100 % sure that I wanted it.
    Now, I am sometimes glad that it did not work out.
    Everything might be fine. I might be the happiest mum ever.
    But everything might go horribly wrong (80 % of everything is written in the genes, this is my strong belief).
    Looking back, I just know, I am not willing to try ever again.
    It is just too risky.
    (not to even mention all evil infertility drugs that I had to take).
    I like my drugfree life.

    I am a bit loney today (DH is working).
    I am reading a novel "The fault in our stars" and later on I will take the Wolf for a short walk.
    Cosy. Nice. My life.

  4. Has the time gone so quickly? It's hard to believe it has been a year already. DH and I started our day (not long ago) talking about how much we look foward to seeing you.

    1. We are also looking forward to our two days together on Mediterranean so much!!!
      See you in 75 days :)

    2. Oh, now I'm jealous!! (Both for the trip to the Mediterranean, and the reunion.)

    3. dear Mali,
      I hope to meet you one day as well!