Friday, November 23, 2012

Completely missunderstood

I was on messenger  with a coworker  from another department today, we were chatting a bit how  to fix some job related problem. She just moved to a new house and she asked me later on what were our plans regarding building a house and I explained that we think we might had found a perfect land and that we hope to buy it in few weeks...  (subject for another post, in January)

Here is the weird conversation that we had later on (I came to her office where 9 women are sitting).

She:  Oh, hello... I am so happy for you, I hope your dreams will come true.

Me:   Well, it is not sure yet... but I hope everything will work out.

She:   (obviously I missed some curious looks since I focused on the document in my hands).
          No, Klara is NOT pregnant!

Me:      (many curious looks that I DID noticed)
            Well, I am too old for that...

She:    You are not too old for that...

Only few seconds later (after delivering the document, wishing nice weekend and saying goodbye) I realized that she did not think that I am too old for pregnancy. She wanted to say I am not too old too have s**.

Bloody *****. Of course I am not too old to have s**!!!!


Closure for today: I will not comment ANYTHING EVER again to women who are mothers of small children. They just can not get it.


  1. Ugh...two steps forward...three steps back. What is wrong with people?! And at work - that is frustrating.

    1. yes, it is frustrating.

      I thought that the equation:
      having S** = having babies

      is already out of modern people heads. Obviously it is not.

      The problems is in MY head since I used other techniques when trying to get a baby :)