Thursday, January 5, 2023

The books

I love having time for reading books. 

I have just read the novel Violeta (I loved it), written by one of my favourite authors, Isabel Allende. 

I found a beautiful quote there: 

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" 

Mary Oliver

And here is a quote from the novel:

"I only regret that you didn't have children, but we can't always get what we wish for in this world."


(the novel isn't about childlessness at all)


  1. I must read that book. I once posted on the Mary Oliver quote. My answer was, "I explore." In all senses of the word. ( I love her emphasis on the fact that our lives are "wild and precious" - we can interpret that however we want. But the lesson is to appreciate our lives.

    And indeed, we can't always get what we wish for. Accepting that has brought me great peace, in many different facets of my life! Great reminders, thanks.

  2. Always looking for a good new book -- thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I recall the first time I heard that Mary Oliver quote. It was in a yoga class some 5+ years ago now. The instructor would choose a different quote for us to meditate on for each class. I instantly knew Mary Oliver was someone I had to learn more about. And, Isabelle Allende is a beautiful writer. I really wish I had been able to visit her native country this month -- but as she/you wrote: " we can't always get what we wish for in this world."