Saturday, July 23, 2022

Peaceful eternal dreams, my dear nephew


I am very sad.

My husband is heartbroken.

His nephew died.


I met him when he was not even 9 years old. He was such a perfect little boy. 

I loved him for 20 years (and so did everyone in the family). 

I will never forget the last sentences that I had with him, two days before he died. Could have I noticed something? If I sensed that something was wrong, could I say something that would make the difference?

The nephew was a wise old soul. I am sharing with you a beautiful birthday email that he sent to my husband when he was only 11.  I kept two letters from his childhood, they are both priceless.

"Happy birthday to you. I wish you many happy years and may as many of them as possible be with you Klara and all those you love. Love Klara because she is a good woman and she loves you too. May you be accompanied by kind people, love, warmth and joy. May God be with you and protect you and shower you with happiness."

Peaceful eternal dreams,  dear nephew.


On a photo: it is a mountain in Julian Alps, just over 2.000 meters high. We went hiking there yesterday, we invited also the younger nephew (who lost his brother).  Despite all the sadness, it was a beautiful trekking.


  1. I have no words. Sometimes there are no words.

    I am sorry for your pain, your husband's pain, your nephew's pain, and for the pain that everyone that knew him is feeling. I am so sorry.

    What a kind and beautiful soul.

    Thank you for supporting his brother.

    Keeping a place for you and your loved ones in my heart.

  2. Klara, I am so sorry for your loss!! 29 is just way, way too young. :(

    I am glad you & your other nephew could find some comfort in nature with each other. Huge (((hugs))) to all of you.

  3. Oh Klara, I'm so so sorry. Suicide is enormously sad, for the one who felt there was no other option, and for those who loved them. I'm sure he was an expert at hiding what he was thinking or even planning. Please please don't question your own actions. He clearly loved you and your husband, and you were valued in each other's lives.

    I'm very glad that you and your husband and nephew found some solace out in those beautiful mountains. Sending all our love, and many hugs. xxx

  4. Dear Klara,

    What a devastating loss... I am so, so sorry.
    Thinking of you, your beloved husband and his family <3.


  5. What a beautiful letter. Your nephew's beautiful soul lives on. There has not been a day since hearing this news where I don't look around at the surrounding natural beauty, hear the birds sing and think of you, your husband and nephew's family ... continuing to send you peace and strength. xx

  6. Oh, Klara. I'm so sorry for this sudden and heartbreaking loss. Your nephew clearly had a beautiful heart from the letter. Some things are just not comprehensible. I love the beautiful picture of the Alps, too. Glad you could lift your souls with a gorgeous trek.

  7. Dear Klara,
    I just discovered your post and wanted to write how much I am sorry about your loss. I send you and your husband hugs and I am thinking of you,