Thursday, September 16, 2021

Why I blog?


When I started writing my blog (almost ten years ago!) I planned to write it only for a while, just to overcome the hardest times of accepting our childless life. 

Why am I still blogging? Shortly  -  I like it :) 

I could write many reasons what I like about being part of the blogging community. Let me just tell you what I like the most. 

I just love if there is someone reading the lines I write and she (or he) feels that just reading my thoughts help ease her (or his) pain.   

There is a kind girl (well, I can say girl since she is few years younger then me) who came across my blog few months ago and started reading it. She decided to send me the first - just to say hi - email. And since she was travelling with her husband in our parts of the Europe, I invited them for coffee and pancakes. It was just lovely meeting them. 

It felt great talking. She could say nothing that could hurt me. And I could say nothing that would hurt her. We know the same pain and sometimes even the words were not necessary, we understood each other. 

I love that with the help of my blog I have met some of the kindest people. 

What will be my legacy?  Even if I could help only one person to overcome the hardest times of the infertility, it is enough. 


I am attaching few photos from my favourite part of my country: Lake Bohinj. The first few photos  were taken on the cycling tour with my husband. The lake was warm enough so we even went swimming. And the last two photos two were taken over the weekend, I went trekking with my dad.


  1. Dear Klara,

    I think I speak for many women when I say that your blog has been a huge support in my healing. Thank you ♡!

    Wishing you a lovely Sunday,

  2. Klara, you have helped more than just one person, I know. You are leaving a fine legacy!

    And I am so glad you blog - both for others, and to be part of our community. We'd all feel more alone if we didn't have each other to rely on. Though I do find it hard to believe that you're almost 10 years blogging!

    Also, where would I go for my necessary photos-from-Slovenia fix? I love these photos - the views from your trek with your father are amazing, and the ones with the ducks are lovely. I clicked on them and got them full-screen on my laptop to fully appreciate them, which I highly recommend to my fellow readers.

  3. These pictures give me a moment of peace. Thank you for sharing!

    That is so cool that you met up with someone new through your blog! I love that you invited them over for coffee and pancakes, two of my favorite things. What a wonderful time--just enjoying good food and conversation and knowing that nothing hurtful will be said.

    Thank you for blogging! I'm so glad that you do. <3

  4. Dear Klara,
    your blog is so valuable! I am really, really glad I found it! Thank you and please, keep on blogging! :)