Sunday, July 25, 2021



I recently had my birthday. I got many kind wishes, I was glad to see how many people remembered. 

But there was one phone call from a coworker. She is nice, but somehow she always manages to say something strange. She wished me many good wishes and above all she wished me that I would be happy (it is difficult to translate - but the choice of her words implied that she thinks I am not happy now). 

I thanked her for good wishes and added that I already am happy. 

She replied: "Then I wish you were happier."


Looking from her point of view - she has two healthy smart boys - I can imagine it is difficult to understand how anyone could be happy living a childless life.

But what means being happy? Is it possible that the concept of happiness is overrated? 

Am I happy? I am not sure. But what I am sure is that I am content and I love living my quiet peaceful life. Enjoying many different things. Like picking up many vegetables and herbs in my garden and then cooking a delicious meal from the freshest ingredients possible.
(I took the photo above yesterday.)

A dear pen-friend of mine told me this week the statement her mother often told her: "doing less but enjoying it more". I love her mom's statement so much so I am sharing it with you. I find this statement very true also for my life. Enjoying simple things in life.


  1. "Doing less but enjoying it more" - I really like that!

    But your coworker did say something strange... as if the life you have was not good enough?

    I think that nobody is constantly happy. Many parents are struggling, too. In my opinion, happiness comes in small moments: when you see a breathtaking sunset or feel truly loved/seen/understood. The art of life is to enjoy these moments when they are here. Otherwise it is enough to be content most of the time :-). It is very normal to experience negative emotions from time to time as well. Constant happiness is a myth indeed!

    The picture is absolutely beautiful, by the way, Klara <3.

  2. What an odd thing to say... People are so weird!

    To me, happiness comes and goes. Feeling content is much more sustainable. It takes work to find/build contentment. A lot of people don't understand this and are easily jealous of others.

    Your picture! I want to eat it all. :)

    Happy belated birthday!! Thank you for sharing your friend's mom's saying. I like it a lot!! "Doing less but enjoying it more" That's exactly where I am in life. <3

  3. As I often say (and think), her comment is much more about her than about you. She has issues. She wants people to fit into her idea of happiness, and she doesn't really seem to understand that that doesn't mean they are actually happy or not.
    Contentment is a wonderful thing. I remember about five years into my No Kidding life feeling deeply contented, something I'd never really felt before. I'm so glad you are contented. I think that's harder to achieve than happiness, which visits but doesn't always stay.

    Your photo could be out of a food magazine. The veges look so fresh and healthy and tasty!

    And HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY! I hope it was lovely.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Klara! :) Mali is right -- that woman's comment says more about herself than about you. For what it's worth, you seem pretty happy to me! ;) (And I think you're the best judge of whether you're happy or not, or happy ENOUGH.) And "doing less but enjoying it more" is something I think we can all aspire to.

  5. Oh my goodness, I want a t-shirt or a bumper sticker that says "Doing Less but Enjoying It More." That is fantastic. And a very belated happy birthday to you! Love all the green in your picture.

    Okay, so that is definitely a weird thing for that lady to say. Happiness is subjective, and it is so annoying when people put their idea of happiness on others. To be content, to enjoy life, to take pleasure in the simple things -- that sounds like pure happiness to me. I think that she can't imagine being happy in a different life, but she doesn't have to live it, and you love it, so she can take her happiness policing elsewhere. :) I don't know why people thing that childless people can't truly be happy. I get that a lot myself. I think there's a talent to finding your own happiness and being content in what is.