Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Please, wear a mask, always when outside your homes


Pandemic times made me realize what are the things that count the most.   Health and loved ones.

And also travelling & being with kind souls are also just priceless <3 

A photo above: was taken exactly 6 years ago, in Yosemite. Lovely memories! I wish we will be able to travel someday again...

Covid19 numbers of newly infected people are horribly high in my country as also everywhere else in Europe (and in most of the world). 

A person very close to me got covid19, since we were together on a long walk just few days before she got ill and since I had a cold, I was tested. Luckily I am negative.

My decision: I will wear a  mask, whenever I will be outside my home (this is obligatory in my country and in many other European countries). I will visit only my parents, but also there I will wear a mask. 

Please, do the same... only together we can stop the pandemic.  


  1. Agreed! Health and loved ones are the most important things.

    I moved to a small town and I cannot believe the resistance people here have to wearing masks! It's awful. I go to work every day and, unlike my co-workers, I never take my mask off. People tell me, "I don't like to wear a mask." Well, neither do I!! But I wear it to protect all of us. It's a small thing I can do that makes a big difference. Thanks for listening to me rant. Living where I do during a pandemic is extra lonely because nobody takes precautions like my boyfriend and I do. So we just stay home all the time.

  2. You're so right. This can only be beaten if everyone works together. Thinking of you and your family and colleagues. Sending hugs.

  3. Masks are mandatory here in public places, and most people do comply... but there are still a few who resist, still!! It's such a simple & effective thing to do.

    Stay safe & healthy, Klara! :)

  4. I even wear a mask on bike... ;-) I think I may be too sensitive. ;-)