Tuesday, September 15, 2020

My grandchildren?

I took my nieces and nephews the other day to the swimming pool. The youngest is 7 and the oldest will be 13 years next month. A guy (few years older then me) that I know from work (but he is not a coworker) met me when I was with the kids. Few days later we met again. 

He asked - out of blue - we never really chat (I am not a chatty person): "So, did your grandchildren like the swimming pool?"

So  - there it was - the very first question that I got regarding MY grandchildren. Aged 47. 

I just replied: "No one has ever offended me the way you just did." And I walked away.  

(obviously I know that some women my age have grandchildren - but they are babies, not teenagers!!)


  1. Ouch. I'm sorry the first question about grandchildren was like this. My friend was asked if she was grandmother to one of her kids, when she was about 38! I was asked if I was grandmother to my niece. People don't think - they blurt out comments. Your colleague is an idiot!

    Sending hugs.

  2. What??? This colleague needs glasses. You certainly don't look like someone who would be old enough to be the grand-mother of a teenager!
    I'm sorry you had to hear such a stupid question.

  3. I am very sorry for your experience with that idiot, but thank you for sharing what you said in the moment. I'm often caught off guard and I'm sick of being so nice. I think what you said is perfect and I will try to remember to say it the next time I need to.

    "No has ever offended me the way you just did." Simple. Direct. Succint. I love it.

  4. GRANDchildren??! Ugh!! I'm glad you responded as you did!