Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A compliment

My dad has a colleague whom I have known since my childhood. During the construction works he also visited me and my husband to help some minor construction works done.

Today I met him again in my parents home. He asked me how is living in our new home. And then he asked me when there would be any news about our offspring. 

I politely replied that I am way too old for that now. 


Really? My 46th birthday is only weeks away and I was asked this silly question.

But then I thought about this question a bit further and decided that it is actually a compliment, when you are asked this question when 46. I guess I look younger than my actual age : )


  1. You do! This post makes me happy. Not because of the silly question, but because you could put it aside and smile now from the compliment.

  2. The one advantage of getting older is you can always use that response in answer to "The Question" ;) ...although the questions do eventually stop! You obviously do look younger than your age so yes, I would definitely take it as a compliment! :)