Monday, June 11, 2018

Eating healthy

My husband and I don't earn a lot of money. But we have something that many of the richest people on earth don't have: plenty of fresh organic food which is completely free.

I took this photo on Saturday:
- lettuce: from my garden
- bluberries and chanterelles:  picked by me in a beautiful forest
- zucchinis: from my granny's garden (mine are only starting to grow now)
- terragon: from my garden
- cherries: picked by mom on a neighours' tree
- raspberries: picked by mom on her garden
- eggs: from my uncle's hens

I feel very rich  :)


  1. Oh wow, what a delicious group of ingredients! You'll be eating like kings.

  2. Mmmmmmh, it all looks delicious!


  3. Healthy AND beautiful! Look at all the colors <3

  4. So colorful! I feel like I can taste everything just by looking at this picture. Who needs a lot of money when you have a lot of beautiful, delicious fresh produce to eat? <3