Saturday, November 18, 2017

Lago di Garda / Lake Garda

On weeks like this I just love my job. Here are some photos that I did on my latest business tip. Lake Garda is one of my favourite parts of the world (that I have seen so far). 

I had some time off so I phoned the man that I met almost three years ago:

and I invited him for a walk. It was a lovely walk, we talked a lot.  It is so nice to talk to somebody who is much older and wiser.

He got back the medical results one day after we met so I called him yesterday, just to check.

He said: "The results are not good, but they will have to be good." Meaning it is what it is and he has to make the most out of life he has.

Just like the rest of us. 

When walking and talking with him I realized (once again) that time is all we have.


  1. Dear Klara, what a magical place! I am glad you got to see this beautiful place last week.

    I am sorry about your friend. We don't always realize it, but our time is indeed precious. I went back and read your old blogpost about your first conversation at the table. What a poignant story...

    Have a good Sunday!

  2. Lake Garda is the one Italian lake we didn't spend any time near. Well, we'll just have to come back! Maybe we can meet you there sometime.

    I'm glad you met that lovely kind man again, but so sorry that he's not had the results he wanted. As you say, it's all any of us can do to make the most of the time we have.

    "Time is all we have." Wise words from a wise woman.

  3. What amazing light in your photos. I would put the first one on my wall! I went to your original post, via your link. It's one of my triggers, hearing old people say that they regret not having children. I hope it's mostly an older generation thing and we won't feel the same.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Klara! Glad you had a good visit with your friend. I hope you will still have time to have some more walks together.