Saturday, October 7, 2017


Sometimes I let a silly remark ruin my day.

I went for a work lunch, there were seven women all 5-15 years younger then me. One of them was highly pregnant and I met a new girl that will replace her for a year.

I was the only one that did not know the new girl and I had met the pregnant one only twice before.

So I used opportunity to congratulate both of them - one for getting a new job, the other for a beautiful reason why she is leaving the company for a year.

The pregnant one replied: "You can congratulate me when this one comes out. For now there is no reason for congratulations - everybody can get pregnant. The problem is how to push the baby out!"

All of them laughed.

I guess it is funny. When you equal getting pregnant = sleeping with a man and when it happens as soon as you wish it to happen, yes, then it is funny. Otherwise not.

I try not to let silly people ruin my day. That stupid woman did ruin it, luckily only for one day.

Today I had a therapeutic walk & talk date with my beloved dog and with a friend of mine (who is childless because she never found the love of her life).  I made this photo on our walk through the forest, it was just lovely.


  1. Oh, people are so ignorant, aren't they? I'm glad she only ruined one day for you, and that you had a lovely walk and talk through nature to restore your equilibrium.

  2. I'm sorry that selfish person ruined your day!

  3. "Everybody can get pregnant" -- really??!! So sorry you had to hear that! :(

    Lovely photo, Klara!

  4. Oh, ouch! I know that would've hurt me. Thought there was enough out there on infertility so that people at least knew not everyone can get pregnant easily - guess not. And you were so generous to congratulate her at all (I never offer congratulations).

    Glad nature was there for you - being out in nature is so settling, isn't it?

    1. it is still very difficult to congratulate on pregnancy announcements and births . I wonder if it will get easier when the years pass by?

      Being out in nature is settling indeed.

  5. Dear Klara, that kind of humour is so excluding. I do think that the woman simply has no idea about the struggle of infertility, but still... I'm sorry <3!