Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Goodbye for now

As always, I lack time in the summer. So I will say goodbye and will be back with the first rainy days at the end of the summer.   I am attaching some photos from Croatian seaside, it was lovely to swim for couple of days. 

I am busy growing my vegetables:

My favourite sweet is terragon potica, here I backed half of potica terragon, half with blueberries:
The traditional potica is with walnuts, but I like to be creative.
News from few weeks back: the pope asked American first lady about potica, it was nice to see how many articles were published on this topic, here is one of them:

I have spent many beautiful walks with husband and Wolfie. This Sunday we were lucky to pick up these:

Spagetti with porcinis were delicious, so was the jam that I cooked.

A new highlight of this summer: I love to swim and  my nieces and a nephew love to swim, but their parents not so much. I love taking them to huge open swimming pool for a swim. I love being their aunt.

There were also some moments in July that I felt my childnessness again.

I was invited to an uncle's barbecue and nobody bother to tell me that also a distant relative was invited with her newborn, aged 4 weeks. It was aweful, all conversation involved talking about the baby, memories of giving childbirth, breastfeeding etc. Did I have to contribute anything to the conversation?   Social gatherings like that remind me that I don't fit and that I never will.

I spent some lovely moments with our distant family from Australia. I loved talking to them. We were talking about something and I know that I was thinking how easily I bond with some people. But then there was a comment (said by couple 15 years old then me, with 3 grown up children): "Yes, the wheels of life are turning." (the remaining of the sentence had to do something about their children and grandchildren).  I don't have children, so what are my wheels of life?

I love the impact that my pen-friends have on my life. I got a book recommendation from my beloved pen-friend, I just love this book:

The Last Lecture


Some quotes from the book that I liked: 

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

“The key question to keep asking is, Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have." 

“Time is all you have and you may find one day that you have less than you think.”

“When we're connected to others, we become better people.”

This is all for now... enjoy the summer! (or if you are from the opposite part of the world, enjoy the winter ;)


  1. Sigh. It's lovely to think of you enjoying your summer, growing your vegetables, walking and swimming in the lake or pool! Fresh berries - drool - my favourites! We will miss you, but look forward to seeing you in a few more weeks.

    I'm sorry that the family gathering could only talk about the baby. I wish we could make it easier for you.

    But I'm glad that as your nieces and nephew get older, you get to do a lot more with them. Being the Swimming Aunt sounds like a lot of fun. D was the Swimming Uncle on a holiday a few years ago with our great-nephew.

  2. PS. I might try to make the potica.It sounds very nice! (Especially with blueberries.)

  3. So much happy in this post. I love your garden (and once again I am jealous of it!) and I'm so glad your nieces and nephews have you. Their world will be bigger because of you.

    And I'm sorry about the unexpected baby. For me, the conversation about the baby is always harder than the baby itself.

  4. I love these pictures. I love the fruit and mushrooms you picked and your vegetables from your garden. Thank you for teaching me about potica. I had never heard of it before, but I think I would like it very much. It's so nice to hear you've been on many beautiful walks with your husband and dog. And swimming with your nieces and nephew.

    I am sorry about the situations where you felt the sting of things. I wish certain things could just be conveniently avoidable for us.

    I watched Randy Pausch's Last Lecture on yt and it was pretty powerful. I should read the book.

    Thank you for your post! Enjoy the rest of your summer!! :)

  5. Dear Klara, your life sounds very "full" in a positive way, and I'm happy about that! The pictures are beautiful, too.

    I'm sorry you were made feel left out at that barbecue - I know this feeling too well. It's even worse when it comes as a surprise.

    “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” Love that quote!

    Have a wonderful summer, dear Klara!

  6. Lovely post and photos! Thank you dear Klara.
    Well, maybe I will be going to that part of the world one day. My new sister in law is Serbian, from Montenegro. She and my brother are also CNBC. I am learning about these countries from you and from them.
    love from NM

    1. Thank you all for your kind wishes.
      Dear Anonymous from NM: whenever you are in my parts of the world, do drop me a line (klara.soncek (at) ) . I would love to meet you!

  7. Gorgeous pictures, Klara! Your summer looks both devine and delicious. Sorry for the social interactions with parents you describe. I find them hurtful too. Although I'm healing, I'll always feel some sort of pain and frustration for the lack of connection that results from our experiences (and other people's lack of awareness of them!).