Sunday, September 28, 2014

Accepting my childlessness-for-good state

I've been very busy at work lately. It is good. I almost do not have time to think about being sad for being childless.

I had business dinner with two coworkers and some potential business partners on Friday evening, until very late. It was very nice. Chatting & laughing with people I have only met.

There was a topic who will be doing what during the weekend.

And I told them that I would spend some time with my favourite child. And then I added that since not having my own children, I am entitled to say out loud who is my favourite child*. Parents are never supposed to say that.

I was surprised how easily I told it.
It was a huge step for a woman, who is accepting her childlessness-for-good state.

*(to be frank, who is my favourite child, changes. And I am careful that I never say that loud in front of the children).



  1. I think most of my nieces think they're my favourite niece! That's fine by me.

    Good for you for being able to express the benefits of not having children!

  2. I have favorite children, too, but I would never say that loud in front of my relatives. I think I love my nephew more maybe because I was living close by when he was born so I saw him often and babysit him a lot. When my niece was born I was living far away so I only met her when she was 4 yo :(

    Yes, it is a huge step to make peace with never having children, and talk about some good sides of the situation.