Thursday, December 6, 2012

Finding a new dream

Don't get me wrong - I am happy that Kate & William are getting a baby. But please, could this not be news anywhere? December is hard enough without it...

I just came back from Italy (I spent 3 beautiful days working there). Have I told you that I just LOVE Italian cuisine? I am practising there ordering dinner and enjoying my own company. I was reading an Italian regional newspaper (Il Piccolo) and there they had really stupid article about royal baby arriving. The literate translation would be something like that: "Yes, they are able to reproduce. Thanks Heavens for that...." In the article there was word combination "in dolce attesa" (=in sweet expectations) like zillion of times. I tried to skip the article but I just couldn't. Luckily the dinner was delicious so my moods improved.


I had a coffee with one of my school friends from high school last week. It was nice to see her and catch up (she is also childless). Today in the morning I wrote her just saying that I had great time and that I would love to see her again sooner then in one year (this is how often we usually meet). And she wrote back immediately that she was dreaming about me previous night. In her dream I was holding lots of medical papers, I was very happy and was explaining to her that I am finally pregnant and that I need to make final test to confirm it.

I wrote back that I just burnt ALL my medical reports that I had after 10 IVF treatments. And that with the papers I also burnt my old dreams. And that now I am on a pursuit of finding a new dream.

It felt liberating to put it down!


  1. :) how amazing how folks can interpret their dreams which might be off...

    *hugs* Cheers to you!

    I agree about Kate and William- it's bad enough that there's THREE babies already born, and one more later this month in my family- and they wonder why I won't visit for Christmas!

    I just wish that we (like you and other fellow childless bloggers) could get together and do a...Thelma and Louise road trip (of course, without the ending!).

  2. dear Wolfers,
    I would love to go on Thelma & Louise road trip (yes, defintely with happy ending).
    How many stories would we have to tell each other!

    So far I met only one bloggie friend (from California).... and we spent together few beautiful days together.

    I really am happy that internet was invented. I would be lonely without it!

  3. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that William & Kate's baby could be in the news much less. On GMA (Good Morning America) Thursday AM, they went from the Will & Kate story to a story about Tori Spelling having such a hard 4th pregnancy (in 5 years)...GAG! This is probably her last child because of how hard this pregnancy was. How sad...blah, blah, blah...

    Dec 9 is my son's "due date"--he was still born Aug 31. I about had a meltdown -- pretty much all day on Thursday -- because of all the 'happy' baby news. I try not to be bitter, but somes days are harder than others. My bitter is definitely showing right now. :)

    Thank you for sharing your story. Jeanne

    1. dear Jeanne,
      I am so sorry for your baby boy.

  4. Klara, I loved your post. As always.