Monday, July 23, 2012

So many stories to tell...

When I was a little girl I loved one story that my granny used to tell me. A real story.

My granny was the youngest child in the family of 11. When the WW II started she was 6 years old. When Germany took over our country, there was a German soldier that really liked my granny (he saw her once playing in the field). He and his wife couldn't have their children, so he asked my great grandmother and great grandfather if they could give him the little girl. They refused. But the German soldier didn't give up - he visited the family many times, he always brought great toys and sweets from Germany. And he kept asking again and again. Once he brought with him his wife and she also liked my granny a lot. 

The years went by and the German soldier accepted the fact that he would not get the little girl he wanted... so he just visited from time to time, always with gifts.

Isn't it a beautiful & sad story? 

And it makes me sad that I will never have a daughter & granddaughter to pass the story on...


  1. It is a lovely story. I know that it isn't at all the same thing, but you have now passed it along to your blog readers so it also lives with us.

  2. My grandma had 11 children... In today's time, can you imagine one going to another family asking to have their children? How times have changed!

  3. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW that's really a bittersweet story. Your grandma is lucky to get so much love!!!

    Every now and then I also pamper two little girls who are the daughters of customers of mine (a hubby and wife) he he...because they're so cute and they've been interacting with me. :-D

    I agree with Illanare that you've passed it on with your blog readers, even if you do not have your own flesh and blood to pass it to.

  4. Interesting story, it makes me wonder what your Granny thought of them at the time.

  5. Thank you for sharing this story with us.

  6. thank you girls for your kind comments.

    I will ask my granny what she thought of them at the time, the next time that I see her. I will let you know :)