Friday, May 6, 2016

Je besoin d'aide - appartement à Paris

This is post for my readers from France. 

I've been teaching a teenage boy English and German for the last year. His family is really nice so I thought I could help them with one info (with your help).

They want to rent an appartment or family hotel room  in Paris for a week this summer . A bit outside, so they can park a car there  for a week. And then take metro to the city centre.

Any suggestions?

You can write me also on my email:

Merci beaucoup!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

You're not You

We have watched the movie You're not You. It is brilliant, I loved both main characters.

ALS is a terrible disease, I am not comparing my struggles with main character's struggles. But still, parts of it sound familiar. How her wish about having kids was never realized. How she felt like an alien, coming to a friend's 5-year-old kid's birthday party or meeting a friend's newborn.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Room

I recently watch the movie The Room.
It is very good, I liked it a lot (I also read the novel couple of years ago, I liked it too).
This is actually the first movie about mother-child relationship that I truely enjoyed watching in the last 13 year.
(just a note: that's how much infertility damaged me; I can watch mother-child relationship only when the woman who is a mother had to experience something very difficult).

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Storyteller

The Storyteller

"Love isn't the only word that fails.
Hate does, too.
And hope. Oh, yes, hope.
So you see, this is why I never told my story.
If you lived through it, you already know there are no words that will ever come close to describing it.
And if you didn't, you will never understand."

I used the rainy long weekend for reading a beautifully written novel by Jodi Picoult.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Beautiful Dolomites

I have just come back home from a long business trip to Italy, Süd Tirol / Trentino Alto Adige, where the beautiful Dolomites are. They are just breathtaking beautiful! 

I was away for a whole week. I spent some time alone, travelling around the region, visiting clients. And some on an event, where many colleagues that I have known for years were.

Since I am  over 40 and since my hair started turning grey (and I haven't started dyeing my hair yet), I don't get silly questions about my reproductive plans any more. But, I still get many stupid questions.  One colleague asked me: "So, is your coworker X pregnant yet?" (explanation: my coworker has been in relationship for some years now, she is around 30).

I hate questions like this. So I just responded that I don't know, but that probably not since she just returned from travelling to Asia. Stupid woman commented: "Oh, I just thought she she should be pregnant by now, it is already the time."

I avoided company of this narrow minded colleague for the rest of the time.

But as always,  I didn't let  this silly question ruin my mood.

I enjoyed practicing my languages. I was talking half of the time in Italian, half of the time in German. It was a great practice! Sometimes, when I was tired, I just started to mix both languages.... but it didn't matter since the vast majority speak both languages.

Then, there was another, very kind spirited colleague whom I feared meeting after almost 5 years. The last time that we met, we talked about our struggle how difficult is to try for a child unsuccessfully for a decade. I knew she is a mother of 3-year-old boy now.  What I didn't know is that her little boy has mild version of cerebral palsy.  I wish him all the best.  I loved talking with this colleague. This hard experience made her wise.  We talked about many things. And our conclusion was many times that life isn't easy. And all we can do is to be strong and solve the problems the best that we can.   

I am attaching many beautiful photos. I hope you will enjoy them. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

We get to know each other from the inside out

I loved Mali's yesterday post:
It is only part of me

And I just loved the quote "we get to know each other from the inside out."  
So very true!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My kids will be raised well

This was the sentence that my 15-year-pupil wrote in his latest English test. They had to use the verb "to raise" in a sentence and this is the sentence he wrote.

This sentence made me think. Would I write a sentence like this when 15? Probably yes. Would my DH write a sentence like this when 15?

The boy's sentence hurt.
I wish that all his dreams come true. 
It just hurt to be reminded that my husband will remain childless because of me.