Saturday, November 18, 2017

Lago di Garda / Lake Garda

On weeks like this I just love my job. Here are some photos that I did on my latest business tip. Lake Garda is one of my favourite parts of the world (that I have seen so far). 

I had some time off so I phoned the man that I met almost three years ago:

and I invited him for a walk. It was a lovely walk, we talked a lot.  It is so nice to talk to somebody who is much older and wiser.

He got back the medical results one day after we met so I called him yesterday, just to check.

He said: "The results are not good, but they will have to be good." Meaning it is what it is and he has to make the most out of life he has.

Just like the rest of us. 

When walking and talking with him I realized (once again) that time is all we have.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Loribeth's beautiful sentence

I just loved Loribeth's thought from her latest post:

"A childless life is not just about childlessness;  it's also about having a life and making the most of it, regardless of the hand we've been dealt."

Dear Loribeth, Congratulations on 10th anniversary of your blog! 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Orcas and menopause

Most of the days I am doing fine. From time to time I catch up some silly remark, but I brush it off from my memory. But sometimes I can't.

I spent a nice evening with two girl-friends, talking and drinking tea in cosy cafe. We talked about the menopause that awaits us in not that distant future.

Then a friend started to talk about National Geographic programme that she watched recently. She learnt there that only orcas and women go through menopause, all other mammals die as soon as they stop reproducing. Scientists are not sure why, but their explanation is that in orca world and human world older females are grannies and as grannies have vital role in raising up grandchildren. That's why we live also in the menopause.

What should I add to this story? Absolutely nothing. I remained quiet for most of the evening.

The two friends (are they friends really??) didn't notice anything.

But this silly story has been haunting me for the last few days.

I won't have grandchildren. And yet, I do have a role in this world, the role that I will define.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Beautiful autumn

I have been busy lately with:

Being in Italy for work. Highlight: their delicious sweets.

First photo: apple strudel. Second photo: Sicilian cannoli.

I have enjoyed lots and lots of lovely autumn walks with my beloved Wolf.

And I have been very busy organizing all the paper work for our building permit. We have just filed everything, now all we have to do is wait.  Do keep your fingers crossed!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Lonely Planet's Top 10 regions to visit in 2018

I love Lonely Planet's list "Top 10 regions to visit in 2018":
Lonely Planet

If you wish to have coffee with me, choose number 3 from the list :)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

One of us

How I love reading! It takes me to countries that I have never visited and it takes me to times before I was born.

Have you heard of Alma Karlin?   Probably not, so I am attaching a short article about her:

She was born in 1889 in a town that is less then one hour driving from mine. She was the first woman to (with a typewriter) travel the globe. The most fascinating fact is that she didn't have any money, she earnt money by teaching languages. 

I am now reading her book that was written in 1928, it is about her 8-year-travelling around the world that she started in 1919. The book was originally written in German language: Einsame Weltreise / it hasn't been translated to English as far as I know (Lonely/Alone Travelling around the World).

I just love her. Sometimes when reading her thoughts I think - those are my thoughts! And she was born almost 100 years before me. 

I love the quote from her book:
 “Alone and abandoned walks through life he who thinks only of himself; but he who knows how to lovingly adapt and turn everything for the better, who always knows where to offer a helping hand and gives himself to others, his life is a blossoming meadow, and traces of his work remain, even after he is gone.”

She was childless, just like me. And yet, she left something very powerful behind.

I loved reading the article about where I found out that a German painter Thea Schreiber Gamelin loved the book "Einsame Weltreise" so much that she decided to write to Alma. They started exchanging letters, after a while Thea visited Alma and they became good friends.

This made me smile. I love when someone who reads my blog (and likes me) sends me a letter (well, an email :)

This way going through life isn't lonely any more.