Friday, April 17, 2015

La vita dopo l'infertilità

I just returned from another business trip, I was whole week in Italy. I worked hard, but also took time for enjoying myself. 

The swimming pool was on the terrace of the hotel in Lido di Jesolo. I really enjoyed my daily swim! Since it is still off peak season, I was always the only one swimming. What a luxury.

First ice cream this year was delicious (yogurt & strawberry).  

Photos are from Pellestrina (island in the lagoon of Venice) and Chiogga. 

Happy: I wrote in the sand on my morning jogging today.  

Conclusion. Life after infertility? It is good :)

Where is Klara from?

Just recently a reader contacted me via email (btw: I love receiving your emails) and asked me where I am from. 

A new great article about my country:

Monday, April 13, 2015

And then bury the shovel

I just love the quote from the article:
“Infertility is one of those topics you want to bury, and then bury the shovel.”

If you haven't read "Would You Tell Someone You Were Infertile?", here it is:

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Become an Infertility Survivor Blogger and travel the world :)

How lovely it is to open an inbox and see an unexpected invitation to meet in Prague in early summer from a bloggie friend.

I am looking forward a lot!!!  How lovely it is to have friends. 

I'm attaching some photos from travelling with my DH 4 years ago. We loved Czech Republic so much that we are gladly visiting it again.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Perhaps they did have kids. Perhaps they didn't.

I don't really know what I thought of the article  "No Kids for me, Thanks".

The article reminded me of a beautiful walk that I had last weekend. I planned a fun afternoon and invited 4 kids for a walk. My sister-in-law hates the idea of sharing her two kids with me so I was not allowed to have them (just a note: the girls love me).  My cousin is happy to share her two kids, so I took for a walk only her two children.

It was lovely. We walked a lot. I made a small treasure hunt (cookies taste much better if they are earned). We visited a gallery. In the gallery we got a small flyer with old pictures. There was a newly wed couple, photo was taken aproximately 80 years ago.

Here is the conversation I had with almost six year old almost-niece.
Niece: "Klara, who are mamma and papa on the photo?"
Me: "Well, you should ask who a man and a woman on the photo are. Perhaps they never had kids."
Niece: "Yes, perhaps they didn't want to have kids."
Me: "Well, perhaps. But it is also possible that they really wanted to have kids, but they couldn't have them."

You should see the cute little face, trying to process all these info. I added. "Well, but most probably they did have kids. Most of the people do have kids."

And my almost-niece added: "Perhaps they did have kids. Perhaps they didn't."

I could have kissed her, the sweet little girl. For her, whatever path the couple had, it was OK.

A photo

A girl with her hands up in surrender

This photo just broke by heart.
The article: 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

God help the Outcasts

My DH and me love animation movies. We recently watched Hunchback of Notre Dame. Music is great. Since then I just can't get enough of the song "God help the Outcasts". It is just so beautiful. And sad.    


If possible I always arrange lunch date with my favourite lunch company. A childless not by choice coworker and a single childless coworker, both few years younger. I love our talks.  But they are often out of office (and so am I), so most of this week I am stuck with mommy crowd. There I feel excluded from the talks most of the time. For example, yesterday they talked about their swimwear. One would think that this talk is perfect for me since I swim a lot and I just bought a perfect (almost professional) swimwear, suitable for pools. 

But no, I could not contribute anything. Since the leading topic of the conversation was how much a pregnancy destroys a swimwear. 

Yes. I am an outcast on so many occasions. Even when least expected.