Saturday, October 12, 2019

Small acts of kindness

I am attaching a photo of the other lake that we visited with our visitors last week. It is an alpine lake in the north-west  of our country.

I wasn't sure whether my bloggie friend will mention her travelling so I didn't write who visited me. Now I can :)

I was deeply touched when reading her latest post:

Dear Elaine - thank you for your kind words! I loved how you beautifully put my thoughts and hopes into words: "Ihr Ziel ist es, in ihrem Leben kleine Taten der Freundlichkeit zu hinterlassen bei den Menschen, deren Weg sie kreuzt."

The translation would be:
"Her goal is to leave small acts of kindness in her life with the people whose way she crosses." 


Elaine and me were talking about how important a bit older bloggers were for us. Reading their blogs was comforting for us in the darkest days of our infertility since it gave us hope that there is possibility of living happily again. We both agreed that Mali was a motherly figure to both of us. We discussed that a word motherly is very strong. We hoped that it wouldn't hurt Mali. I am writing these lines just so that Mali knows that we where talking about her when walking around one of the  alpine lakes (the other that is less touristy) on the other part of the world. And that she knows that she has been a very important person in lives of many.  


After driving Elaine and her husband to Ljubljana where they spent last few days of their travelling and saying goodbye to them I went to work.. One of my colleagues was explaining about her awesome weekend. She rented a big house at the seaside with her friends. So there were 10 couples with the total of 24 children aged between 1 and 10. She explained excitedly: "ALL of us have childen aproximately the same age."  

I thought that probably not ALL of her friends have children. That probably there were some friends who were lost and excluded  - just because they don't have children and don't fit into their circle any more. 

After that I was even more thankful for having my bloggie friends, my penfriends and all the bloggie/penfriends whom I met in person and now consider simply as friends.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Making a difference

Few years ago I got a kind email from a reader who lives 700 kilometers away from me. The part of the email that touched me the most was this one:

"One of the things that help me is your blog (and other blogs). It makes me feel less alone in my struggles. That's why I want to thank you for writing about infertility. It does make a difference. For me and many other women, I am sure."

When you write a blog on something so very personal as infertility it is just wonderful if someone writes you something kind. And tells you her (or his) reasons for reading the blog.

The photo above was taken at our most beautiful alpine lake this weekend. I went there with my husband, my penfriend (with whom we exchanged many emails since her first email) and her husband.

The infertility has taken a lot from me. But it has also given me so much - like these new friends. We invited them in our home and they stayed with us for couple of days. It was just lovely to see our new home full of life.

The visitors have already left but I am very sure we will meet again.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

I am back

There have been so many thoughts in my mind lately but none of them was connected with childlessness.

The cancer operation left a bad scar on my face. I accepted it quite well. Whenever I look into the mirror I am just grateful that it didn't happen to me when I was 20.

What is harder to accept is the pain that came back. It is connected also with heat that makes the wound swollen and painful. 

In the last three months I never thought how awesome it would be to have children of my own. But I did think like million times how awesome would it be to be healthy again.

Friday, April 26, 2019


On the photo above: me & my youngest niece (aged 3 weeks) on our couch. How lovely it was to welcome a new baby to our family.... without the sadness that accompanied the arrival of other children.

I see that as a proof of recovery after many dark years of the infertility.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Good news

I am already back from the hospital and I am officially CancerFree. I am very relieved. I don't need any chemotheraphy nor radiation. So all I need now is some time so my wounds heal. **

Today is the first day that I am strong enough to do some reading.  I loved Pamela's speach:


and her latest post:

And I loved my Swiss bloggie friend's latest post:
with a title "Being able to stop". Do use google translator, if you don't speak German. With the help of this post I realized that my life doesn't feel any more like living a plan B any more.  I am just living my life. And with the help of cancer threat I realized I do love my life.

** Thank you all for your kind wishes. You were amazing!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

I am done being quiet

Thank you for all your kind wishes. They really mean a lot to me!

I still haven't got the date of operation, hopefully I will get it soon.

I spend lots of time walking my beloved dog. And I try to eat as healthy as possible.

One question for you - do you know and eat these two plants (in my country we eat them a lot in spring, we believe they are very healthy):

Dandelion (I prepare it as salad):

Nettle (I cooked delicious nettle & potatoe soup):

A coworker of mine asked me this week how was I (she hadn't heard the news before). I replied that
cosidering that I have cancer I am doing really well. She looked deep to my eyes and simply asked: "May I hug you?"

How lovely it would be to get an occasional hug during hard and long years of my infertility.

I appreciate the hugs and all good wishes perhaps now even more.

But then there were also the first silly comments and questions.

We were driving to the meeting with a dear coworker of mine, I told her about the cancer. And then, few hours later she asks: "So, are you taking now in May any holidays? Will you do some travelling?".  I looked her in disbelief and asked: "Weren't you listening to me? I have cancer.".
She said: "Yes, of course I know you have cancer. But I just thought it would do you and your husband good... to go some new place, relax, enjoy and forget."
I simply replied: "I can go to the other part of the Earth, but the cancer would go with me, it is on me and perhaps also inside me. I can not forget and relax."

I felt good and strong afterwards. I wasn't quiet when listening to really silly comments.

I had my share of silly comments during my infertility suffering. But I am now done being quiet.

Saturday, March 23, 2019


I wanted this post to be a happy one. I wanted to tell you that the reason I haven't been blogging for a while was that I was just too busy living a happy life in our new home.

I wanted to tell you how lovely it felt hosting a second pyama party in our new home. There were five nieces and nephews, all under the age of 11. Needless to say it was a very vivid house for two days. And yes, I was exhausted afterwards :)

A nephew aged 6 asked me for few times that weekend why I didn't have any children of our own. The question didn't hurt. I explained that when I want to have kids, I just borrow them from their parents.

I wanted to tell you about my travellings (all for work).

I wanted to tell you a silly coworker  who - despite knows about my infertility - needed to share the story how profound beautiful is the moment when you get the child into your lap for a very first time and how awesome is the feeling nursing a child for the whole year. No, she isn't mean... just lacks emotional intelligence.

I wanted to tell you with how many incredible people in my life I was influenced to make a decision: to completely change my profession. I applied to study again at the faculty, I will know at the end of July if I am accepted.  It isn't that I don't like my work. After all, I am greatful for it - with the money I earnt I could pay my share of the cost for our beautiful new home. It is just that I don't want to do office work for another 25 years.

But this post won't be a happy nor a light one.

I went to the main hospital in our country yesterday.  And I got a diagnosis: basal cell carcinoma (with a nick name BCC).  I know it is very unlikely to be fatal. But still... I worry. Especially since it is on a spot that is very difficult to remove.

After the visit in the clinic I cycled back to my office. It was the most beautiful ride you can imagine - I was seeing everything from a new prospective. It was a warm sunny spring day and all I could think is that I want to live.

When I got back to the office two coworkers asked me how it went so I told them. They were so nice - one of them even hugged me.

People are so good at handling the news regarding cancer (at least early stages when there is still all the hope that everything will go well).

In all the years when suffering because infertility it never ever happened that somebody would hug me (except my beloved husband).

A dear friend of mine also went through BCC and I will have her in my mind when dealing with it. Afterwards I will have a cool scar that will tell a story of surviving... just like she has.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Power of Acknowledgement

I have just watched a brilliant short video that I got on Infertile Phoenix' blog:

The video is just perfect and so very true.

Friday, February 1, 2019


I have quit going out with some friends where I felt invisible. But then there are people you can't escape - like coworkers.

I often go for work lunch with a group of coworkers. They are all nice, kind and intelligent women. And they are also all mothers of children aged 2 to 14.

I don't mind some talk  about children. I understand that - the children are the most important part of their lives.

Today's lunch talk was plain awful. One started to talk about her birth control - she uses an intrauterine device that contains the hormone. And than she asked 5 of us at the same table casually: "I guess all of you use this method?"   

What could I reply to a silly question like this? I remained silent.

They all confirmed and started to go into lots of details.

I sat there for a while and felt completely invisible. 

I was envious. Not of their healthy children. But of how easy it is to connect with everybody if you have a "normal" life.   And once again it made me realize what an awkward person must I  seem to the rest. 

When I had enough, I thought of how to excuse myself. But I was so fed up, that I just didn't care. I just slipped from the table and went back to work. 


That's why I love coming home. Here I am safe.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A compliment

My dad has a colleague whom I have known since my childhood. During the construction works he also visited me and my husband to help some minor construction works done.

Today I met him again in my parents home. He asked me how is living in our new home. And then he asked me when there would be any news about our offspring. 

I politely replied that I am way too old for that now. 


Really? My 46th birthday is only weeks away and I was asked this silly question.

But then I thought about this question a bit further and decided that it is actually a compliment, when you are asked this question when 46. I guess I look younger than my actual age : )

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Happy & Healthy New Year!

First of all: a happy & healthy new year to all of you, my dear readers. In my country we always wish for happiness and health for the new year.

I know that most of new year resolutions don't last very long, but still. I will try.

I decided that from now on I will dedicate the focus of the new year to one thing.

The previous few years were dedicated to accepting my childless life and finding my happiness again. Done (at least most of the times).

Last year was dedicated to building our new home.  Done.

And this year: I will dedicate to getting my slim & fit body back again & to have my stomach healthy again (to handle my heart burn issues).

I won't be writing about this issues on my blog (since it is boring to most of the people). But... if you have any advice on my New Year's resolution, I would love to hear from you on: klara.soncek (@) 


We have had beautiful sunny winter for the last month, so I spent most of my free time walking through forest my beloved Wolf. A photo attached. Being lots of time outside on fresh air is so therapeutic!

I daily read BBC news and sometimes I find titles that bring sad memories back. Like this title:IVF couple have triplets after sex mistake.

I don't want to go into any details, but let me write only this. While being on IVF, my body was so miserable that having sex was the last thing on my mind.

Luckily BBC has also this old article:

about enough is enough. I loved her sentence: "People will look at you and say: Oh my Godness, I understand. But nobody understands unless you actually went through it."



In the winter me and I husband are Netflix addicts for two months (and then HBO Go additicts for the next two months).

We have just watched on Netflix Private Life:
It is brilliant!  We both loved it.