Saturday, November 15, 2014

Much laughter and many new memories made

So many wonderful things happened during our holidays in California and Nevada that I literally don't know where to begin writing. 

Perhaps with the first morning? 

I remember sitting in P&A's kitchen, drinking delicious Starbuck's coffee and literally not believing that we in fact were there. 

It felt like yesterday when I was reading in NYT this article:
but in reality it was already six years ago. 

I never thought that I would find one of my best friends via an article in NYT.  But I did. And I all had to do was to send the first email, it was thank you note for sharing her infertility story (that was really important at the time, since Pamela was the first infertility survivor that I ever read about).

Friendship like this gives me hope for the future. Because it is a  sign that the word is huge and beautiful and that still many great new things can happen to me. 


Some of the traveling we did alone, only me & my DH. 

But the best traveling time was when we were all together.  The four of us had so much laughter together and many new memories were made. 

Being with P&A we realized how wonderful it is to have traveling buddies.

Dear P&A: thank you for your hospitality, we both hope we are meeting one day soon in Europe again. 

I will post some of the traveling photos online. But before posting I have to know if anybody is interested in seing them :) 


  1. Your visit will remain a highlight for all the reasons you describe here (such delightful fun on so many levels), and because it signals that out of what was once great heartache and mourning -- I still have your first email -- we can grow and gain strength and achieve great joy and laughter. xo

  2. Hi Klara,

    Welcome back! I missed your writing and I will love to see the travel pics!
    So happy your trip went well and you had wonderful time visiting with Pamela and traveling!

  3. This is a wonderful post. It speaks to the value of telling our stories, to reaching out and asking for help or making a connection, to friendships across miles, years, cultures and the internet, and most importantly, it focuses on the joys that are possible in our lives.

    You are not alone as long as you have wonderful friends, as long as you are loved. And you are.

    And yes please to photos!

  4. Photos!! Yes!! So glad you had such a good time. :) (But also glad you are back posting, lol.) ;)