Saturday, May 10, 2014

Feeling great after a lovely cycling tour

It is a lovely warm spring Saturday and I've just returned from the longest cycling tour this year so far: 40 kilometers.  I cycled alone (but not lonely), along the river, through the forest. Just a perfect day.

How many springs did I miss because of my infertility? 5 consecutive springs, from spring 2006 to spring 2010. Always because of the same reason: my body was full of injected hormones, preparing for the IVF treatment. I was sore, swollen, hurt and sad and full of dreams that never came true.

I am just so happy that those dreadful years, going from one failed treatment to another, are over. For good.


  1. I've been thinking about a new bike. We got one for my dad a couple weeks ago for his birthday, and couldn't help but to take a look at the bike shop at the women's. We will see...

    1. I had one over a decade and bought new two years ago. It is lovely to have a new bike (I have trekking bike). I really love my bike, I couldn't live without it.