Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Accepting life as it is

Few days ago I was babysitting my best girl friend's kids whole afternoon. Children's playground is normally a place that I avoid as a plague, but it is a very practical place for taking kids to.

There I met a mother of one of my school friends (we met when we were 7) and she was one of my best friends during my university years.... but somehow we lost contact because of my infertility. It was to painful for me to be there for her two pregnancies. And it was to painful for her since she did not know how to approach me.

Her mum is really such a warm kind lady. She has always been extra kind to me, for the last 34 years. But now I hadn't meet her for almost a decade, so we were both very happy to see each other and we started to talk (she was on a playground with her two grandchildren).

She started to tell me how sad and worried and scared she was because of her daughter's illness. You see, my friend was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis two years ago (and the illness is developing very fast). She told me how life usually isn't how we expect it to be. But that the only way to survive is to accept it as it is and live it to the fullest you can.

I don't ever do that, but to her, I just told her that I wanted to have children of my own, but couldn't. And she replied that she knew, her daughter told her. And she added that this was really sad since she doesn't know anybody who had such a talent for children as I did. 

Her remark didn't make me sad. I just said that her conclusion about accepting life as it is and to live it to the fullest you can, applies also to me.  

I think we both felt really good after talking to each other. 


After I returned the children home, I called my friend with MS and we are having a birthday ice cream together next week. I guess it is time I get some people that infertility stole from me, back to my life.


  1. I was sure I had replied to this, but as I'm restricted to my ipad at the moment, it must have got lost.

    I'm very sorry about your friend, but so happy to read your last paragraph.

  2. Same touching. Life is full of surprises - both good and bad. Good to know you're in touch with her again. Sorry to hear about her MS progressing so fast. :-( Btw, in a health magazine here there's an article about taking a few times more than the normal vitamin D supplement for people with MS. I've sent the article to a girl here who has MS and she's also told me that the MS organization in USA (her home country) has also been reporting on the benefits of taking vitamin D supplements (like 3-4 times more vitamin D pills per day).

  3. My cousin's wife has MS. She was diagnosed 20+ years ago, and did pretty well for quite awhile, but the last few times I have seen her, it's been sad to see how much it had progressed. Everybody has some kind of trouble & sadness in their life, I think. I am glad the two of you are back in touch.