Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tons of documents from the hospitals

Only a woman that went through one IVF treatment knows, how much medical documentation there is for one treatment.

So you can imagine how many documents I had after 10 IVFs? Tons!

I just packed everything, my DH will burn everything tomorrow. It feels good!

The only thing that I could not throw away is a photo of our two embryos (we got the photo only once). This is the closest thing that we have to a photo of our children.

I put the photo of our embryos in a beautiful big box, where are plenty of nice memories. I can't say it is a nice memory. But it is a memory of a beautiful dream we once had.  I just couldn't force myself to put the photo away...

I don't feel sad. It is, what it is.

I  just know that I have to (and I wish to) make the most of the life I have.  It is not the life I planned for myself. But it is beautiful as well.


  1. Hugs. And yes, your life is beautiful. I hope the burning of all those documents is cathartic.

  2. I have the box of medical & adoption stuff that I need to burn as well. Maybe the next time we have a fire outside. I am glad you wrote this...for maybe I will get more motivated to get rid of it.

    Like you, I will keep a few painful as the journey was, it has brought us to whom we are today.

  3. Oh, I didn't know about the paperwork...didn't even think it'd be so much. Glad to know you're OK and that you can still keep the photo of your two embryos. :-)

  4. Though I am "in a good place" now, I still have a folder of my medical paperwork that I am holding onto and a bin with some baby clothes (some I cross-stitched myself) that I just can't get rid. My hope is that maybe one of my two nieces will have a child and I can pass them along. Glad you have made a decision on what you are willing to part with and what you aren't. I don't think I could get rid of a photo either. Hugs to you during this process.

  5. dear girls,
    so lovely to read your comments and nice wishes.

    Just to let you know: my DH did his homework, he burnt everything. It would be cathartic if I could burn everything myself... but it feels great anyway.