Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How old are your children?

I was left without my usual lunch buddies today, so I went to self service  restaurant alone. There I met two colleagues so I joined them. We have been working for the same company together for five years, but we do not know each other well since they work in another department.

Anyway, we were chatting a bit. They are both my age. Both married. Both have two children. When the kid topic began I just ate lunch quietly and wished I had my usual lunch buddies (from my department) with me.

And suddenly one of them asked me: "And how old are your children?"

I was in total shock.

So far I learnt to deal with a question "Do you have children?". It is simple. In most cases I just say "No." Simple as that. And do not comment any further.

But on today's question it was not possible to answer only with "No.".


  1. No. Actually saying the words "I don't have children" can be tough. Sending hugs.

    I used to joke - "two cats no kids" to try and lighten the comment. Of course, then the cats died ...

    1. That's almost exactly what I responded - One perfect dog, no kids.

      Sorry to hear about the cats...

  2. Oh my GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! The other day I was asked if I had kids and I said no and I felt glorious 'coz I didn't feel the need to add anything.

    But what was asked to you was just...like a sucker punch...geez...I wouldn't know what to answer that question 'coz we have no pets. Maybe I should have just joked instead by saying, "Oh, I have a big naughty handsome boy at home. My hubby. And boy he sure does know how to keep me young."