Thursday, April 28, 2016

Beautiful Dolomites

I have just come back home from a long business trip to Italy, Süd Tirol / Trentino Alto Adige, where the beautiful Dolomites are. They are just breathtaking beautiful! 

I was away for a whole week. I spent some time alone, travelling around the region, visiting clients. And some on an event, where many colleagues that I have known for years were.

Since I am  over 40 and since my hair started turning grey (and I haven't started dyeing my hair yet), I don't get silly questions about my reproductive plans any more. But, I still get many stupid questions.  One colleague asked me: "So, is your coworker X pregnant yet?" (explanation: my coworker has been in relationship for some years now, she is around 30).

I hate questions like this. So I just responded that I don't know, but that probably not since she just returned from travelling to Asia. Stupid woman commented: "Oh, I just thought she she should be pregnant by now, it is already the time."

I avoided company of this narrow minded colleague for the rest of the time.

But as always,  I didn't let  this silly question ruin my mood.

I enjoyed practicing my languages. I was talking half of the time in Italian, half of the time in German. It was a great practice! Sometimes, when I was tired, I just started to mix both languages.... but it didn't matter since the vast majority speak both languages.

Then, there was another, very kind spirited colleague whom I feared meeting after almost 5 years. The last time that we met, we talked about our struggle how difficult is to try for a child unsuccessfully for a decade. I knew she is a mother of 3-year-old boy now.  What I didn't know is that her little boy has mild version of cerebral palsy.  I wish him all the best.  I loved talking with this colleague. This hard experience made her wise.  We talked about many things. And our conclusion was many times that life isn't easy. And all we can do is to be strong and solve the problems the best that we can.   

I am attaching many beautiful photos. I hope you will enjoy them. 


  1. Maybe, just maybe, someday a business trip will be all good with no hard mixed in. That is my hope for you!

    The pictures are gorgeous!


    I really dislike how people think they have the right to comment on anything relating to another’s personal life, let alone their fertility plans.
    It’s nice to hear that your reconnection with your old colleague wasn’t as bad as you feared and that you found much to discuss.

    The photos are stunning. The weather looks superb. It whets my appetite to one day revisit this part of the world for the fantastic scenery and food.

  3. Wow. Switching languages like that is not easy! Especially when they're both second languages. I find mine get all tangled up!

    How lovely that you were in one of my favourite parts of the world. I've done a search to see where you were. I think we might have to head back there and spend some more time in that/your part of the world.

  4. PS. People like that nosy woman asking about your colleague used to drive me mad - both before I began trying for children and after. It was her loss that you avoided her, not yours!