Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Where did those dreams come from?

I woke up at 3 am, during very vivid dreams.
I was in the doctor's office, talking about drugs for my next IVF treatment. The doctor was very kind, he took time to talk to me. .  He showed me some special medicines that increase success rates.I felt good. I felt sure that that IVF would finally work out.

I woke up and started thinking, whether I was planning another IVF. I wasn't sure. Then I remembered that I am almost 43, which means the clinics would reject me.

For a change I felt good, being over certain age limit. It means that there isn't anything to decide any more. So I could get back to sleep.

But I still wonder. Where did those dreams come from?


  1. Sometimes I get really vivid dreams too, where you wake up and wonder if it was real or if it was a dream. I usually wonder where they come from too.

  2. I think there are things in the depths of our brains that we have no idea about!! I'll be 52 in May, so obviously there is no hope. And I also know we don't want a baby at this point in our lives, even if one turned up in a basket on our back porch!! But there are still times that the tearing loss just sneaks up and pulls the rug from under me.

  3. Hi Klara,
    It makes you wonder what triggered your subconscious self to drag those thoughts from the depths. Something you heard, saw, or read during the day maybe?…. and your brain processing it in the middle of the night (with the facts and not the emotions); I’ve had similar revelations at odd hours too.