Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Half of a Yellow Sun & 1917

I have an excellent news. My father has already got the first vaccine against covid19, my mum will hopefully get it by the end of the month. I guess me and my husband will get it by the end of the summer... the vaccination goes really slowly in the EU. 

The pandemic brought up all the worst (and with some - all the best) of people. I hate all the negativity and all the hatred against anti-covid protection rules that there is among people.  

I still love the quote from last year:

Stay at Home! Your grandparents (or great-grandparents) were called to war. You're being called to sit on your couch.

To see things from different perspective sometimes I need to read and watch about really horrible periods of time and about brave people who fought and tried to survive.


I loved the novel Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It is hard and great, it is beautifully written.


 “Look at you. You're the kindest person I know. Look how beautiful you are. Why do you need so much outside of yourself? Why isn't what you are enough?”
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow Sun 


“He realized that what he wanted most of all, with her, was time.”
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow Sun  



I also loved the movie 1917

I loved everything about this movie.  It is one of the best movies that I have seen. 



  1. That's great about your parents! I'm sorry the rollout has been slow. This is the second time in a week 1917 has come up, I think it's a sign I should watch it! Also I'm about to teach WWI, so perfect timing. I haven't read Half of a Yellow Sun yet but I have it on my shelf, and I read Americanah earlier this year. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is such a great writer. Love those quotes!

    1. Jess, it's a great movie, just beautifully done! :) The gimmick is that it's filmed so it appears to be one long shot, no noticeable cuts or edits.

  2. That's great news about your parents!!

    "Why do you need so much outside of yourself?" Oh, if I could go back to twenty years ago and ask myself this... <3 What a beautiful quote!

  3. Oops, somehow I missed this. Sorry to be so late!

    Glad your parents got their first vaccines. Will look for that book. And the movie, as I have never seen it. Thanks for the recommendations.

  4. My parents also got their first vaccines recently, and my sister gets hers this weekend! One step closer to when we can all be together again! :)

    Dh & I saw 1917 a year ago in January in the theatre -- one of the few movies we got to see in 2020! We both thought it was amazingly well done, and I was sorry it didn't win more Oscars than it did.