Tuesday, April 27, 2021

A pandemic activity Nº2


I have been spending at least 3 hours per week for learning French for the last six months. I have been attending a French Zoom online course with a native speaker. I just love our classes!  The teacher is very good, we have a homework every single week. And attending a course gives me an extra motivation for watching French movies. 

It is a very difficult language to speak, so I can't speak (yet), but I already understand a lot. 

And here is an absolute highlight of my learning of French:  a lovely 8-year-old  French girl is reading a story in French via Zoom couple times a month. I enjoy listening to her so much!  

I have a friend  from France whom I met through blogging. We also met one day, I met her family and she met my husband. If you went through infertility you know that meeting new friends with children can be difficult. Well, with my friend from France it wasn't. Perhaps because she is one of the kindest people that I ever met. And also because I liked her little girl so much from the very first moment (and the little girl liked me too). 

I asked my friend if her daughter would be willing to read to me. She asked her and she liked the idea. So now we have a win-win-win arrangement: 

  • I love being a small part of this little girl's childhood, I love learning French by listening to her.
  • The little one practices reading & presentation in front of a person she doesn't know well. This is an excellent skill for now and later. 
  • The mother can have few minutes for herself .  


I used to listen to French chansons a lot, after a long time I am listening to this one:


Just wonderful!


  1. Oh, I love this so much! You're so talented with languages, you're my role model. And to have that connection with your friend's daughter too, is wonderful.

    Now we're not worrying about my father-in-law and his house, I need to get into languages again. But my problem is always, "which one now?" lol

    1. Dear Mali,
      I have an excellent solution for your dilemma. If you can't choose only one language, you can start learning ALL of them that you are interested in. That's my strategy :)

    2. LOL! I'm not sure my brain works that way!

  2. Dear Klara,
    You are simply the best! You are a wonderful role model in how you have dealt with the pandemic, how you made the best of the time you suddenly had available ♡.
    I love French, too, and used to be able to speak it fluently. You make me realize I haven't done much to keep this skill alive... at least watching some French movies or reading in French should be completely feasible! Also, French chansons... I should start listening to them again. I love them and they make me happy! Thanks for the reminder :-).

    1. Chère Elaine, merci pour ton commentaire!

  3. French is such a romantic language! You are a language connoisseur! I just had to use my microphone to spell "connoisseur," ha ha. Love the story about your friend's daughter reading to you in French.

  4. I admire your facility with languages, Klara! I took French in school but I must admit I haven't retained a lot of it... use it or lose it, right? But I am glad I studied it anyway.