Wednesday, March 10, 2021

I am trusting the uncertainty

I can't wait to read the latest Rupi Kaur's book: Home Body. She is so young and so talented. I wish I could write as she does! 

So far I've read only few quotes and I love them.


Some of her quotes: 


“i am trusting the uncertainty
and believing i will
end up somewhere
right and good”
Rupi Kaur, Home Body  


“you didn’t lose it happiness has always been here - you just lost perspective”
Rupi Kaur, Home Body   


“i get so lost
in where i want to go
i forget that the place i’m in
is already quite magical”
Rupi Kaur, Home Body 


“my mind keeps running off to dark corners and coming back with reasons for why i am not enough”
Rupi Kaur, Home Body  

“you lose everything
when you don't love yourself

- and gain everything when you do”
Rupi Kaur, Home Body 



  1. "I am trusting the uncertainty..." This is perfect, especially for this period of limbo that I feel I am in. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. She is from Brampton, Ontario, not far from where I live. :)

  3. Love all of these quotes! Especially the one in the picture is very suitable for me now...

  4. Absolutely beautiful. I have her first book but need to get the rest. These are gems! I can relate to all of them.