Thursday, March 18, 2021

Childless colective summit


I came across Katy Seppi only few days ago,  I listened to a talk where she participated. I enjoyed listening to her and the others so much! I learnt that Katy is organizing Childless collective summit that starts today. 

More info:

I am looking forward to it a lot!!


  1. I listened to a couple of presentations from day two last night, and they were really good!! I felt seen, heard, validated, and encouraged.

  2. Glad you and Phoenix had such a good experience with the Summit. Sounds as it was much needed and rich with helpful and inspiring talks -- maybe one day you can both be speakers?

  3. Katy is fabulous (although she makes me feel old sometimes! lol) and the summit was amazing. So glad you were able to take part... there were some really excellent speakers there!

  4. Thanks for mentioning Katy Seppi. I didn't know her before...
    and a very happy Easter weekend to you!