Thursday, September 10, 2020

The best holiday destinations for 2021

Before the pandemic I got on average one bloggie friend visit per year. With the help of this blog I met many amazing women who came to my country for the very first time. I love seeing my country through their eyes.

I love this new list of CN Traveller of the best holiday destinations for 2021. My country is number one on this list <3

I hope that pandemic will be soon over so I can start looking forward to new visitors. The visitors who have already been here (but according to my opinion: not long enough) are welcome as well :)


  1. Oh, one of those visitors definitely agrees with you that their visit was NOT LONG ENOUGH! lol I hope the pandemic will be over as soon as possible too, so we can all meet up somewhere in the world, including in your beautiful Slovenia.

  2. It was definitely not long enough as far as I am concerned ;)
    Looking forward to the next time

  3. Congratulations on Slovenia being number one <3.
    Your country is absolutely worth visiting for sure!
    Have a lovely Sunday.

  4. I hope to travel to Slovenia and meet you in person one day! Your country is beautiful and I want to see and eat everything. :)