Friday, June 12, 2020

After the lockdown

My hands are almost healed. I got my job back (for now only part-time). The epidemic in my country is over (at least for now; I am very certain that there will be a second wave  as soon as all the borders re-open). 

There were small things that gave me pleasure during the lockdown times.

The new Rolling Stones' song Living in a ghost town. I love it! 

Four novels by Elena Ferrante - My brilliant friend.
It is brilliant! 
I also watched the HBO series, I loved them.

Babylon Berlin on Netflix.

I tried to go to shops as little as possible. So I have learnt to bake my own bread, it is delicious! I am so proud!

Working on my vegetables garden. I cooked the very first meal with the first vegetables this year: peas.

Having time just to observe. Like this bumblebee on the lavender that we planted this year in front of our home. It is so pretty!

Having enough time to go for a long walk literally every day. 

Learning how to use Zoom. I love Zoom dates!! 

Childlessness is just part of my life. It is there, but it doesn't bother me any more. As the years are passing by it became as an old wound. You know it is there, but it doesn't hurt any more. 

I avoided women who were during the lockdown, when the schools were closed talking constantly how terribly difficult it is to home school children. I was fed up listening to the complaining. I would give everything to be able to homeschool my children. 

At least once a month I got an offer from some surrogacy clinic - they wish that I publish their ad on my blog. I just delete those emails.  What I think is that surrogacy is morally wrong.   
I have just watched news on BBC:
I am happy that a couple got a baby after 10 years of infertility. I am very sure that Manu will have a happy childhood, I wish all three all the best.
But there are also other stories - Bridget's story. A girl who wasn't born perfectly healthy so her American parents decided not to take her home. It is just sad that Bridget has to live in orphanage. I hope she finds a family who will love her and take care of her.    


  1. That loaf of bread is absolutely gorgeous! You are right to be proud of it! So glad to hear your hands are healing and you're back to at least some work.

  2. Your bread is gorgeous!!! And so is your lavender. :) I am very, very happy to read that your hands are almost healed and that you are back to work part-time.

    I notice that childlessness has been bothering me lately. I think it's because I am in another transition. I need to move (again) and will start a new job (again). All things to be thankful for! But I think the stress is stirring up my emotions. So thank you for the reminder that this time period is temporary for me.

    It's always so good to read a post from you! <3

  3. So glad your hands are healing, AND that you got your job back. I can understand both the need to open up, and the concern that you'll get cases in from outside. NZ is just the same. But how lucky are we to live in countries without risk just at the moment?

    I love lavender. Lucky you. And I loved the Elena Ferrante series of books (though haven't watched the TV series yet), even though I found them quite disturbing too. And home-baked bread! You are clever. I've been meaning to try - I've tried yeast buns and pizza base, and beer bread, but not bread yet. I don't know which recipe to use to start!

    I'm not sure about the surrogacy debate - but I do think that parents who don't take their biological child are despicable.

    Overall, this post makes me happy!

  4. Dear Klara,
    I am happy to hear this good news: your hands are almost healed and you are back to your job in part-time. Also, I love your bread art and the lavender! Isn't it cool to eat your own peas?
    May the good things continue to happen in your life now ♡.
    Rainy greetings,

  5. Klara, your bread looks artistic AND delicious! And I love your garden photos.

    I've heard others say they love the Elena Ferrante novels... I bought the first one but still have to read it.

    I am so glad you are feeling better, and once again employed. :) Stay safe & healthy!