Sunday, December 22, 2019

Je vais trouver ma place dans ce monde

I recently started attending a French course and I just love it!  My teacher is young, enthusiastic and full of good ideas. For example - she thinks that the best way of learning a foreign language is listening to fairy tales that you know from your childhood... this way it is easier to understand and learn new language.

I just loved it when we listened to "Le Vilain Caneton" / The Ugly Duckling: 

Infertility (and living a different life as most people) is such a big part of me that I find meaningful parts even in stories!

"Qu'est ce qu'il a ce vilain caneton? Il n'est pas comme nous!"
"What about that ugly duckling? He's not like us!"

"Je ne me sens pas à ma place ici, je m'en vais. Je vais trouver ma place dans ce monde."
"I don't fit in here, I'll go away. I'll find my own place in the world." 

Je vais trouver ma place dans ce monde .. how beautifully put! Exactly! This is what I am doing here, by writing my blog of living childless after infertility. 

I just love this version of ending of the story. 

Les autres cygnes le saluèrent. "Tu ES le plus joli de tous les cygnes" dirent-ils. Le vilain caneton rougit. "Je ne suis pas le plus beau de tous les cygnes" dit-il "Je suis le plus HEUREUX de tous les cygnes!"

The other swans greeted him. "You ARE the most beautiful swan of all," they said. The ugly duckling blushed. "I'm not the most beautiful swan of all," he said. "I am the HAPPIEST swan of all."

Have you read my Christmas wish?
So far I haven't got even one single new email. You still have some days time :)


  1. Your happiness and excitement is contagious! :)

    And yes, I love the ending of this version of this timeless story. Like the ugly ducking, I also left where I did not belong and now I am finding my own place in this world. <3

  2. I love this post! My high school French brain translated the post title immediately. From one ugly duckling/beautiful swan to another: Joyeux Noël! p.s. I think you know all about me ;-)

    1. Well, there might be some things I don't know. I am looking to our 2020 updating in person <3

  3. This is a lovely post. My wish for you is that you are indeed the happiest swan of all.

    I also like that approach to practising a language with a story you already know. I might try it.

    And I haven't emailed you yet - but do whatsapps count? lol

  4. I really like this :) I haven't yet looked at the website in detail, but plan to do that once I get some rest (work - and other stuff - has been exhausting these past months). I am glad that Whatsapps count ;)
    You certainly are a beautiful swan. Keep on looking for 'your place' as happiness is in the journey, not the destination.
    <3 <3

  5. Dear Klara, how lovely that you are enjoying your French course.
    And I am still glad that I wrote to you a few Christmases ago ;-).
    Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année !

  6. I'm sorry I didn't get that email sent, but hope a belated comment here is better than nothing. ;)

    My childhood piano teacher fled from Czechoslovakia to Canada in 1968 and taught herself English by reading children's books. I love the parallels to the Ugly Duckling's story & the infertility world... and yes, you are indeed a beautiful swan! :) (I am glad you are a happy one too!)

  7. dear Kaymet, Elaine and Loribeth,
    thank you for your kind comments!
    Wishing a very happy new year to you & also to all other readers.

  8. Dear Klara, I love your quote (and that you like French :-). This fairy tale is a very suitable metaphor for what we are doing... and yes, you are a beautiful swan :-)