Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Why being kind could help you live longer

I have one hobby - for the last 15 years I've spent at least 10 minutes per day reading BBC News. I think this is a good investment to learn something new and at the same time practice English. I loved today's article:

 I read it with curiosity that was completely not related with my infertility. But when I came across these lines regarding tips how to live a kinder life:

"Include someone who is on the sidelines. By doing this, you have valued them - it's dehumanising to go through life unnoticed, unwanted and unloved."

The words struck me. I realized why it has been so hurtful to go through life unnoticed and excluded - just because I am a childless woman. I stopped counting how many times I was excluded from conversations just because some people assume I have nothing to say (just because I don't have children of my own). 

Definition: "It is dehumanising" - is so strong but at the same time so very true.


  1. Yes, this is true indeed - and gives me another AHA moment :-).
    Thank you, dear Klara!

  2. Dear Klara, I totally agree with this statement! Thanks a lot for sharing.
    You are not unnoticed to all of us who are reading your blog :-)

  3. I totally agree with this. Did you know that Sarah on Infertility Honesty writes a lot about how dehumanising it is to go through life where her reality is ignored?

    I also love this post because I love your practice of reading English for 10 minutes a day. I should be doing this with Spanish - or maybe French, or Chinese ... argh, I can't decide! lol