Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Good news

I am already back from the hospital and I am officially CancerFree. I am very relieved. I don't need any chemotheraphy nor radiation. So all I need now is some time so my wounds heal. **

Today is the first day that I am strong enough to do some reading.  I loved Pamela's speach:


and her latest post: https://blog.silentsorority.com/failed-ivf/

And I loved my Swiss bloggie friend's latest post: https://www.elaineok.com/aufhoeren-koennen/
with a title "Being able to stop". Do use google translator, if you don't speak German. With the help of this post I realized that my life doesn't feel any more like living a plan B any more.  I am just living my life. And with the help of cancer threat I realized I do love my life.

** Thank you all for your kind wishes. You were amazing!


  1. Hooray, so happy to hear your good, cancer-free news!

  2. I'm happy to read your great, cancer-free news!! I am also very happy to read that you don't feel like you are living plan B anymore, that you are just living your life. I am starting to feel that way a little bit too... <3

  3. Yay, that's great news. Fantastic that you don't need chemo or radiation. It is amazing how a brush with our mortality reminds us to embrace our lives.

    I'm with you - my life is my life. I don't call it Plan B, because it implies that is worse. It's different, that's all.
    Woohoo, to you!

  4. So very, very happy that you are feeling such great sentiments and are growing stronger each day —in every sense! Thank you so much for sharing my speech xoxoxo

  5. Good news indeed, yay! I am very happy about that, too. I wish you a speedy recovery now. Thank you for mentioning my post - I am so glad you love your life :-)!

  6. Dear Klara, thank you for sharing Pamela's video!
    I'm relieved that your cancer has been cut out. I hope you will recover quickly from the operation <3

  7. So glad to hear you are doing well, Klara -- in every respect! (((hugs)))