Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Be the reason someone smiles today

Writing my own blog and reaching out to the world has made my life special. This tea cup is a beautiful reminder. It was given to me few weeks ago by a dear friend of mine, that I met through our blogging community. I was in Paris for work and one afternoon I visited her and her family. We agreed not to buy any presents, but she said that she had seen this cup in a shop and she had thought of me - since she couldn't stop smiling that day - she had been looking forward to my visit. Her words touched my heart. 

I love her, and I appreciate our friendship deeply. It is deep because of the sincerity we have always had to each other.

Another highlight of that day. When we were finishing a delicious dinner that she and her husband had cooked, I was checking the time - I didn't want to miss one of the last trains back to Paris. Their little daughter asked where Klara would sleep that night. I explained that I had to go back to hotel to catch an early flight back home the following day. And the little one said: "I want that Klara stays with us." How cute is that!


Another beautiful moment from this week. A dear bloggie friend of mine, Elaine:  told me about new blog, written by Stephanie:

Stephanie has just published her blog about involuntary childlessness few days ago. It is in German, but with the help of Google translator the reading should be no problem!

I don't know how old Stephanie is, but I guess she is at least 10 years younger then me. So I really feel like a big sister, sharing a link and trying to welcome her to our community.

I loved one of Stephanie's sentences so much: "Wir werden uns das Leben schön machen."
"We will make our life beautiful."

This is exactly my/our plan.


  1. Thanks Klara for sharing, I'll follow this new blog for sure!
    I'm happy that you had a good time in Paris and that you spent a lovely afternoon with your friend :)

  2. Dear Klara, you are simply the best! You even shared the link before I got to do it on my own blog :-). I am glad that you could meet your friend in Paris and received such a heart-warming gift. Have a good rest of the week!

  3. Dear Klara, thank you so much for sharing the link to my blog!! I wish you the best and a lot of fun in Paris.

  4. I love this - all of it. And I'll check out the other blog when I have time.

    BTW, you're my little sister too.

    1. dear Mali, yes, I have always considered you and Pamela as my big sisters that I never had. Your comment was in 2011 the very first comment that I got on my blog... I still remember how thrilled I was!

    2. I just love this idea of little and big sisters :)