Friday, July 20, 2018

Mamma mia 2

I don't think I will ever watch the movie Mamma mia 2 (the topic of pregnancy is something I will avoid till the end of my life).  But there is something that I love about this movie: it was filmed in Croatia, on the island of Vis (and not in Greece!). If you have been reading my blog longer, then you know that I just love Croatian seaside - especially beautiful Dalmatia.

Someone who is really close to my heart just told me her big news. To make long and detailed story very short: she and her husband have just started on the project baby number 3. She will be 40 next year so she wishes to hurry before it is too late.

I love her. And I love her kids. But accepting them was raw and hard.

I know that I will love also her third child. Eventually.

But I really didn't need to know their decision. She could just told me when she gets pregnant.

Did she wonder how I felt afterwards?

Did she ask what is new in my personal life?

I could have told her that I had my last period 4 months ago.

And it is not because I am pregnant.

I am way too young to enter the menopause. And yet, here I am. 


  1. I am sorry. People never understand how they hurt us. :( Sending hugs across the Atlantic

  2. People are generally so self-obsessed they don't think how comments can hurt. I at least know that or pain had made us more compassionate towards others too. Sending love and hugs around the world.