Sunday, July 15, 2018


During the football match my husband got an email from his favourite pen-friend showing the map which country supports which team. It made us laugh :)

Our neighbours didn't win today, but also the second place is an awesome result.

I know that most of my readers haven't been to Croatia, so here is the official tourism link: 

Croatia has always been my favourite holiday destination.

Photo taken in the south of Croatia (Dalmatia, island Brač), few years ago: 


  1. As an American who didn't have a home team to cheer for in this World Cup, I was a Croatian fan the entire way. Plus, I also cheered for anyone playing Brazil, Portugal, or Argentina. :)

  2. Ha! I think I know this pen-friend ;-) Croatia played with a big heart. And I second the Croatia travel recommendation. Loved meeting you there!

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  3. Dear Klara, I can definitely confirm the map for Germany: in the beer garden where I watched the game, there were a lot of Croatian supporters and I felt quite alone :)

  4. What little I saw of Croatia makes me want to go back - like Slovenia! I am annoyed though that New Zealand was completely ignored on the map. Argh. Almost makes me wish I had supported France. Almost! We do love an underdog.